The data component of the smart home simply means the computer or ‘brains’ of the system. As a smart home is based in a computer system, the data component makes everything work together and run smoothly. A data hub is the thinking part of the smart home and process all of the requests you have. Similar to asking a family member to turn off the porch light or turn the television on, you’re simply asking the computer to do these things for you in one easy move from a remote control. And although high technology computer systems such as this can be intimidating, you can leave it up to the experts with Automated Lifestyles ensuring you’re only left with the task of choosing where you would like the data area set up and the style of panels and remote controls you would like to use.

The data component of the smart home also means that you can have access to wireless Internet from anywhere in the home. Your TV can become your computer with the addition of a keyboard and you’re able to use your computer anywhere you desire (by the pool or under the shade of a tree seems like a nice idea to us).

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