About Us

Automated Lifestyles was established in 1994 by David Symons, an electrical contractor who, when working with the new technology that was being developed saw that this kind of all-in-one electrical system for the home was the way of the future. He became one of the first C-Bus pointOne accredited consultants and is a now a leading expert in ensuring smart home systems are selected and installed to the absolute best standard. He now brings his expertise directly to you.

Automated Lifestyles can turn any building project into a smart home project from beginning to end. Providing initial consultation ensuring every desire is catered for, David and his team then go through a process of selecting the technology and systems that are right for your home based on performance as well as the style that fits your vision for the home. The team at Automated Lifestyles is all-inclusive with specially trained electricians and fitters provided to ensure every element works seamlessly with the next. Even after the final piece has been fitted, Automated Lifestyles provides continuing technical support.

If you’re halfway through a renovation or build, Automated Lifestyles can work with your preferred builders and electricians to include any element of a smart home you desire. David provides training and continual management of the installation to ensure absolute quality and care.

The team know that each and every homeowner is different and that we all want and need individual things from our homes and lifestyles. Because of this, David ensures any query or request is catered for – whether it’s as simple as designing a new lighting system with dimming control or as complex as involving every electrical element in the home.

If you’re just beginning to look into the benefits of a smart home, David can give you all the information you need to help you make the decision of what will work best for your lifestyle.

The team are always available to answer any queries or questions about the potential for your home so call for a no-obligation consultation on what can be done for you.